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IMDB, here I come!

Its been over 6 months since I started my new job in London as a junior rigging TD, and I am at a point where I think, “you know what, I’m not to bad at this!”.

It is amazing how .much you can learn from some of the best vfx artists in the industry. I have crammed into my rather coffee tabled head (not saying its flat, just it’s not got that much space) more knowledge in 6months than three years at uni, (meaning something will have fallen off the back of the table, like how to tie shoelaces or walk in a straight line.)

Well, anyway, on to more exciting stuff! I have finally got a character that I have worked on in an official movie trailer (and the movie of course) It .might only be a few frames in the trailer, but when I saw them I just had to rush and show Rosie. She then played the trailer through and missed my bit all together, but this is just the start of hopefully a long career as a rigger, and I’m aiming to lose the junior bit as soon as possible!

(Just as a side note, the trailer is for the Seventh Son and my bit is at 48 seconds.)

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