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Wheatabix canvas

On more than one ocasion now Ihave I made my hour and a bit journey to work with the signs of morning wheatabix finger painting.

This wonderful art form, rare as it may be, only takes place under certain circumstances:

Firstly you need to be running¬† late,: and I don’t mean by a few minutes, 30 is the minimum and the consequences need to involve more than being late to the pub.

Secondly,  clean clothes must be worn, washed the night before, with the specifically for replenishment of a dwindling clothes supply.

And under these conditions the artist can begin. With masterful cunning, a finger wheatabix covered, paints a modest patch , inconspicuous in a rush, but on first look down, the breakfast paint is proudly displayed on that freshly washed canvas.

And here is my little wheatabix artist.


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