About Him

David is a twenty-three year old Junior Rigging TD, computer geek, father to Lily and fiancée to me, Rosie.

We went to school together, and after persistently pursuing me for some time, I eventually fell for his quirky sense of humour and cute smile in 2006. We got together when we were 15 and have been inseparable ever since! David proposed in 2011 after we both graduated from university together and we are planning our Christmas wedding for the end of 2013.

He studied VFX and concept design at uni due to his life long obsession with computers and anything technical, wild imagination plus his love of Pixar and Disney. He now works in London as Junior Rigging TD on feature films everyday, which he absolutely loves!

We became a family on the 8th March 2012 when our Lily Belle was born. He loves his little ginger ninja so much, who has his eyebrows, feet and fiery personality!

David’s blog is his piece of the internet that will keep him occupied on his commutes, be a little record of his life as a father and husband to be, his geeky obsessions and all things computer and technology based.

He didn’t know what to write for his about me, but this is how I would sum him up, and I think I know him pretty well!



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