Where has the time gone

I can’t believe how grown up Lily is now. Time seems to have flown by. She is a right little charater, and by that I mean she is a girl who knows what she wants and when she wants it. Though one advantage of her growing up is that she now drags me and Rosie by the hand to whatever she wants, instead of us having to guess the reason for her sudden angry outbursts!


She is dancing and singing alot, a mixture of in time humming and the occasional word. She has also started to walk backwards, usually with the intention of sitting on something(or at least thats what the little reversing shuffle looks like to me) .

I think my only regret so far has been the long hours that I am out the house, which makes going round the shops on a Saturday or cuddling her off to sleep on the sofa so special. However, the latter can be a little uncomfortable, as Lily is like a little radiator and with the weather at the moment she’s hotter than ever!



So I get some time with her everyday, I get to wake Lily up every morning to get her ready to go to her grandma’s.: It is during this time I get to see the cuddliyist side of her and also the stroppiest (if she has woken up on the wrong side of mine and Rosie’s bed).

I do love my little ginger ninja!

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One thought on “Where has the time gone

  1. As a dad of two little girls, I often ask the same question. Enjoy them while you can, time goes very fast.

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