Aerocool monster

Well, what is a geek without his ( or her) super powered machine.Unfortunately that’s me, though I do plan to put aside some cash after me and my better half(and I really do mean better) have finally tied the knot.

So far I have a seagate barracuda 3tb hdd, still in its protective wrapping, and the aerocool strike-x air.

I absolutely fell in love with this open air, half work bench half gamers case. I must have spent weeks reading every review going.

After a rather successful birthday haul, u managed to buy it. This case is huge, as the reviews pointed out. What I love is the XL-ATX motherboard bay and the hot-swap hdd bays, however it is stuck in its box until I can buy some more parts.


The motherboard, now I haven’t really paid much attention to this in the past, but now I am building my own machine it’s only right I find one that’s right for me. That has come in the name of the MSI Big Bang Xpower ii


What with the overall dark nature of the board and the idea of four graphics cards and up to 128gb of ram the board is screaming out to be part of my build.

And on the subject of graphics cards I have found just the card for me, the suped up HD Radeon 7970 by sapphire tech . Just think about the gaming experience with those under the hood.


Which leads nicely to the processor, I will be marrying the MSI awesomeness with Intel’s. i7 3930k


Overall this will make a tidy machine so I can play games with graphics settings turned up to jamanji realism (the concept not the film fx) and populate fields with billions of maya grass strands and enough trees to make the amazon look like a bonsai tree.

Well, once I have paid for my wedding. Which I’m rather glad to say will definitely be an amazing day. I’m very excited to see Rosie in her dress! And, as I now have my contract up till 1st November, all will be paid for.


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