For the past couple of days, as the weather has been good and I have been home from work on time, Lily and I have fed the family rabbits.


First we sit in front of the fridge, while I gather the lettuce, cabbage, carrots and radishes required by the law of if “Peter Rabbit likes it, so will our rabbits”. Lily at this point will either be eating said veggies or  spreading it about the floor.


Next we take 95% of what I got out and head to the back door, Lily toddling beside me holding my hand.


Out the back is the smallest patch of grass known to man, reclaimed from the soon to be in-laws garden refit. Plonked alongside that is the disproportionately large hutch, up on bricks and plant pots.


It’s at this point, or at least just after convincing the rabbits to stay put, we sit transfixed on the speedy emptying of the food bowl.

I really love spending this time with Lily as I don’t get to see her much during the week as I do long hours in London, so its nice to get some daddy daughter time.


2 thoughts on “Rabbits

  1. This is a lovely post! And such a fab special thing to do with your little miss to spend that extra time with her.
    It’s nice to see your rabbits get so well fed too. I have a rabbit…named Bunny (dont judge haha) and he gets lots or carrot, lettuce and such aswell.

    • daddygotd says:

      Thank you for your comment . I call the rabbits rabbit(both of them, as I can’t remember their nmes ). I do love getting that extra time with Lily especially as I am out at work for so long.

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